Winter Checklist

Winter is here - make sure you get your your horse and barn ready for the cold weather months.

- Check water heaters to make sure they work and there is no stray voltage. Check buckets/troughs for cracks. Consider an emergency water source
if the electricity goes out.
- Check, repair and clean all blankets.
- Store plenty of hay, check hay barns for water leaks (these could cause mold), clean gutters so they don't freeze with ice and leak. If feeding round
bales we recommend getting the botulinum vaccine. Use a hay feeder or a hay net to conserve hay and keep it cleaner.
- Reduce rodent risk in your barn/feed room: plug holes, caulk edges, get a cat.
- If riding in the winter talk to your farrier about snow shoes, caulks, etc. Or consider pulling shoes for the winter.
- Keep a snow shovel and animal-friendly ice melt handy
- Check your own winter riding clothes for wear and fit.
- If you horse is thin, start to increase quality and quantity of feed now to help them gain some weight before winter.
- Have your horse's teeth checked if they have trouble gaining or keeping weight.