Low starch feeds for Cushing’s disease and Equine metabolic syndrome
- Goal: 10-12% non-structural carbohydrates (NSC)

Triple crown
- Lite pelleted (<10% NSC)
- Senior textured (12% NSC)
- 30% supplement pelleted (<10% NSC)
- Safe Starch forage, chopped (<10% NSC)
Note: Triple Crown “Low Starch” has an NSC of 13.5% which is higher than the recommended NSC value.

- SafeChoice Special Care (11% NSC)

- Wellsolve L/S (11%NSC)
Note: This is different from Wellsolve W/C which does not have enough fat in it.

Diets for PSSM
- Goal: Dietary starch (NSC) <10%, Fat >13% of dietary energy (usually 6-10% of feed by weight)

Kentucky Equine Research
- Re-Leve - original or concentrate, depending on the amount of feed required. (NSC <10%, fat >12.5%)
Can also feed any of the above low starch feeds with an added fat supplement such as rice bran, flax seed or vegetable/corn oil.

Diets for HYPP
- Goal: Diet should contain no more than 1.1% total potassium, each meal no more than 33g potassium.

Avoid: soybean meal, sugar molasses, beet molasses, electrolytes, alfalfa hay, orchard grass hay, brome hay.

Acceptable hay and grain: Later cutting timothy and bermuda grass hay, pasture grass, whole grain oats, corn and barley, beet pulp.

Triple Crown Low Starch is low in potassium

If you have concerns about your horse regarding any of these diseases or his/her diet, call the office and we can set up an appointment today.